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    In the past 24 years development, Zhilishun Enterprise Limited established strongly foundation of sweater making and business. Our excellent design team can create hundreds of style by their own; our experienced technical staff help to bring sample into a wonderful level. Base on our huge and modern production system, assure quality by strictly leading quality control standard, we keep improve our quality and service by preventive action and correct, keeping our product export under safety and nice condition.

    Our factory located in east-north of Pearl River Delta region, east of Guangzhou, southward Dongguan, eastward Huizhou, northward Chonghua / Longmen, middle of Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Next to Guangzhou Economic and technological development Zone and Guangzhou Science City. We got a bright future and huge develop potential base on our convenient location and traffic advantage.

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